climate change

Dyddiad newydd ar gyfer trafodaethau hinsawdd y CU wedi ei gyhoeddi

Mae cynghreiriaid o gyrff y gymdeithas sifil ar draws y DG wedi croesawu cyhoeddi dyddiad newydd ar gyfer COP26, trafodaethau hinsawdd y Cenhedloedd Unedig oedd i fod ymlaen yn Nhachwedd 2020. Bydd COP26 nawr ymlaen ar y 1-12 Tachwedd 2021 yn Glasgow. Dywedodd Clara Goldsmith, Cyfarwyddwr Ymgyrchu y Climate Coalition: ‘Roedd gohirio COP26 yn angenrheidiol

SCCC meets Minister over climate change special!

Love chocolate? Of course we do - and that’s why we’re on a mission to save it.     Today SCCC members met up with the Environment Minister Carl Sargeant over a slice of delicious chocolate cake handmade by Sonya at the wonderful Deli a GoGo – one of the many amazing cafés that are taking

Save the Planet – It’s the Only One with Chocolate!

Do you want to help save the world by eating chocolate? Stop Climate Chaos Cymru is running a short project in conjunction with cafes all over Wales. Climate change affects the planet and its people but did you know that it could mean you won't be able to enjoy your favourite chocolate treat? A warmer

Wales Climate Action Day / Diwrnod Hinsawdd Cymru

Wales Climate Action Day - Pedal for the Planet The people of Wales care about climate change. Let’s make sure Wales’ voice is heard as we join in the worldwide movement on 28th and 29th November to rally for a better future. Ahead of UN climate change negotiations in Paris (COP21 – the 21st Conference