Stop Climate Chaos Cymru has launched a new online tool for lobbying Welsh Assembly Candidates for action on climate change in Wales.

Developed by Cardiff-based digital communications company NativeHQ in partnership with Paperfold Media, this will allow anyone visiting SCCCymru’s website to enter their post-code and find all their regional and constituency candidates’ views on climate change.

The site visitor can then decide what action they want to take depending on the response of the candidate.  With the push of a button they can email or ‘tweet’ their candidates expressing their delight or disappointment.

“Making our campaign digital enables greater communication between Assembly Candidates and their potential constituents” says Julian Rosser, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Cymru.

He goes on to say “We’re very excited to contribute to a wider engagement with the political process through making Assembly Candidates’ views on climate change available to every-one online.”