As the Welsh Government calls for views on the Welsh recovery, we call for a recovery that is both green and just.

We join the many NGO’s, companies and members of the public around the world who are calling for a green and just economic recovery that puts the needs of people and the planet first. The world is hitting record-breaking temperatures, and the poorest communities are being affected the most. The devastating decline in biodiversity is set to wipe out a million species. Our oceans are choking in the plastic and our children are breathing toxic air.

The science is clear, and Wales is feeling the impacts.

Before Covid-19, we had our own extreme flooding, and this is what we can expect more of if we do not address the climate emergency.

With reports of 91per cent of the British public wanting life to be different post covid-19 there is no better time than now to make these changes. COVID-19 has shown us that when our society is facing an emergency, we can bring about dramatic change. 48% of the public agree that the government should respond with the same urgency to climate change as it has with COVID-19 with just 28 per cent saying it should not.

A green and just recovery must address the climate crisis we are facing by putting nature as well as people at its centre.

Therefore, we believe the Welsh Government should ensure that:

– The recovery meets all our obligations and responsibilities under the Well-being of Future Generations Act

– All investments made in infrastructure projects, technology and education contribute towards the goal of sustainability.

– Avoid investment in unsustainable companies and industries, such as fossil fuels and focus on renewable green energy production.

– Utilise this behaviour change moment to increase cycling and walking.

– Support sustainable agriculture with a focus on building resilience to local food supplies.

– Put in place clear due diligence processes in procurement of goods and services that ensure that unsustainable practices are tackled.

– Restoration and protection of ecosystems and biodiversity are prioritised in any recovery programme.

To achieve this, we call on the Welsh Government to:

1. Introduce immediate regulation to ensure that by 2030 Wales is on a clear track to net zero.’

– to end Wales’ contribution to climate change: rapidly put in place ambitious policies to slash emissions now to get us on track to net zero within this decade, and to ensure all future investments are made to promote sustainability.

– Implement the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act.

2. Call for a scaling up of investment to tackle the climate emergency:

– Ensure Wales is spending at least 2 per cent of GDP (in line with the Future Generations Commissioner’s 10-point plan) per year for climate action, starting immediately;

– Ensure Wales introduces Carbon Impact Assessments of the fiscal budget and spending decisions across the public sector.

Wales has an opportunity to lead the way in building back better.

By focussing on a green recovery package and investing in research and innovation, we will help create a fairer, more resilient, sustainable Wales with benefits for all.

Click here to read the full statement: Call_for_Green_Just_Recovery