Stop Climate Chaos Cymru will be launching their report “Change is Coming – Is Wales Ready?” at the Labour party conference tomorrow ahead of the Welsh Assembly elections in May.

The report, written with the Economic Research Unit at Cardiff Business School shows how the Assembly government could make Wales more resilient to climate change and rising oil prices by investing in three key areas:

  • a shift from dependence on the car to ‘Smarter Choices’
  • a nationwide programme of home energy refurbishment
  • a programme of investment in ‘sustainability skills’.

The report calculates the return on investment in these areas, the switch to non-motorised and public transport modes could, every year, benefit the Welsh economy by £11 million and 300 jobs, whilst saving 170 000 tonnes of carbon.

In addition, the long-term benefits of the home energy refurbishment programme include the creation of 20 000 jobs, an injection of £3 billion to Welsh GVA over 10 years and the saving of millions of tonnes of carbon.

A summary of the report from Stop Climate Chaos Cymru.