Celebrity chefs and cafes all around Wales have joined with Stop Climate Chaos Cymru to serve up tasty chocolate treats to highlight the need for urgent action on climate change at home and abroad.

With the UN climate change talks (COP 21) currently going on in Paris, thoughts are turning to what we can all do to help in the fight against climate change.

Even large supermarkets estimate that up to 95% [1] of the fresh food they sell are at risk from climate change and chocolate is one of those, due to rising temperatures and falling water supplies in areas of the world where cocoa beans are grown.

Celebrity Welsh chefs such as the Welsh-Italian Chiappa sisters and Masterchef UK semi-finalist Beth Thomas are supporting the project by providing tasty chocolate recipes that everyone can try at home in the run up to Christmas.

Welsh Government Natural Resources Minister Carl Sargeant recently met with SCC Cymru members at Cardiff’s Deli a GoGo café to sample their ‘climate change special’ chocolate cake before attending the COP21 in Paris.

Stop Climate Chaos Cymru Spokesperson Bleddyn Lake said:

“So many of the things we love are threatened by climate change with chocolate and coffee being among them.

“It’s scary to think that so much of the food we currently take for granted is at risk – it’s important we act now.

“One fun thing we can all do  while world leaders are discussing climate change in Paris is to pop along to our nearest participating café and eat some lovely chocolate ‘climate change specials’, and find out more about Stop Climate Chaos Cymru and what you can do to help.”

Cat Jones, Head of Partnership at Hub Cymru Africa commented:

‘Climate change is a threat to the lives and livelihoods of people across Africa. Buying fair trade is an easy way for us all to support farmers who are struggling with the effects of climate change in poor countries around the world.

“We all enjoy chocolate, so linking climate campaigning to one of our favourite foods is a great way for people in Wales to engage with global issues in a meaningful way.”



Thanks to Hub Cymru Africa for grant funding for this scheme www.hubcymruafrica.cymru