Over the past two years, many businesses in Wales have reduced the number of flights they take according to research by the WWF Cymru, and there is no intention to reverse this even if finances improve.

Businesses have found benefits such as staff spending less time away from the office and being better able to work through travel disruption, as well as the more obvious cost-cutting benefits.

Reduced carbon emissions are also an issue for Welsh businesses, and WWF Cymru is urging the Welsh Assembly Government to support this by dropping its subsidies for the North-South airlink and building on its vision for a low carbon economy instead.

By focusing investment on high-speed broadband, a video-conferencing network and rail improvements rather than spending public money on the North-South air link, the Welsh Assembly Government would be leading by example and giving consistent messages on the need to tackle climate change.

Read the full report from WWF Cymru: Moving On – Why Flying Less Means More for Business