Climate Cymru is the campaigning offshoot of the Stop Climate Chaos Cymru Coalition.

The Climate Cymru campaign is centred around meaningful and just action to address the climate emergency, and will gather voices from all areas and demographics of Welsh society. As partners or individuals sign up, they tell Climate Cymru what is important to them and the responses received will shape the campaign’s communication and advocacy at COP26. Ultimately, the people of Wales own the message.

As the impacts of climate change escalate, a lot is at stake both in Wales and around the world.  As hosts of COP26, it is especially important for the UK Government to show leadership in combating climate change. Wales has an important part to play, and the campaign aims to make sure the Welsh and UK government are showing leadership with meaningful, evidence-based and just commitments at COP26. A key focus is to ensure that the often under-represented areas and demographics of Wales have a meaningful opportunity to contribute and are considered as we make the changes to our society that we need to.

It is very quick and easy to add your voice as an individual here, and the campaign also has options for businesses, non profit organisations or ambassadors who can get more active with the campaign if they wish.  They are building an increasingly impressive network of climate conscious organisations from all sectors and areas around Wales, which presents an opportunity to connect to other organisations and drive climate agenda in the future too.

You can also keep up with the campaign via the website on and on social media: facebook, instagram and twitter